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the new system

Well my new system is now up & running, at the moment I have both CRUX & Slackware running pretty stable, but for some reason the drag over from the old to the new system didn't fair as well for FreeBSD.

After getting the system together, I pulled the Hard Drives out of the old box and put them in the new one. W/ a quick tweak of the fstab file, both CRUX & Slackware booted fine, but BSD doesn't seem to be able to cope as well as the 2.6.x kernel has...

W/ 4.9 it would go through the normal boot process and get as far as mounting the ROOT File System and would then stop. It would then ask where the new ROOT File System was located, but once given the correct location, it would error out... Some kinda weird mount error?

5.2.1 didn't even get that far, it would get as far as the BSD selection menu and would then restart once the selection was given... I am thinking that the reason that is, is because of the way I setup the custom kernel. If i could get it to boot off of the GENERIC kernel, I might be able to get it up and running... But as of now, I am not sure how to do that...

I guess thats something I should be looking into..?

Well until next time... over & out!

Here are my System Specs:
Soyo - KT600 Dragon Plus Socket A Motherboard
Athlon XP 2000+ Processor
Viking 256MB PC2100 DDR 266MHz Memory
Mid-Tower Case / 350W Power Supply
GeForce2 MX400 Video Card / 32MB DDR / AGP
Two Silverstone Case Fans - w/ Red, Green and Blue Lights

Not the best system in the world, but allot better then what i was using...
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