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Got my bsd system backup and running... Whoo Hoo! The shit of it is, I had to redo the whole thing. But thats OK, because I have learned some new tricks along the way, about building the custom kernel w/ AMD options. Things I really did'nt know about before & for that matter didn't need to know, because i didn't have a AMD system.

It also gave me a chance to clean up my harddrives and to give each OS, it's own seperate drive. So as of now I have - Slackware/Storage on my 80G, CRUX on the 20G, & FreeBSD on the 12G... Much cleaner setup then before... Before, I had BSD & Linux partitions floating around on both the 12 & 20G drives. Which made for a more confusing setup, when dealing w/ installs & cleanup...

What i would really like to do now, is get my hands on an external USB or Firewire drive, so i can install Windows. That way I can start gaming again and not have to have Windows infecting my system. Either that, or get a nice gaming emulator for linux or bsd? Which is probably what I am going to have to do for now, considering I really don't have the cash to get an external drive at the moment. I would also like to have one, so I can start running QNX & BeOS again... I miss using QNX!

Well... thats it for now, more later...
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