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The long haul to Onebase Linux (pulled from Linuxcult)

Shortly after installing CRUX 2.0 and FreeBSD’s (4.10) death due to a power failure, I decided to install Windows XP (SP1 Integrated). I figured what the hell, I really wanna play some games and since my FBSD install is dead, I might as well redo the drive and get something else running on it. So thats what I did, I cut my 12.5GB drive into 5 / 7 / 0.5 and went about installing windows on it. After I got Windows installed, I decided it was time to clean house and then got rid of CRUX 1.3 and Slackware Current, since I never use either of those installs anymore... Yes! CRUX 2.0 is that good!

Well after cleaning up and sorting all my extra and now empty partitions, I went about giving more space to CRUX 2.0. (Where CRUX 1.3 was once installed, is now CRUX 2.0’s home directory) So w/ CRUX now taken care of space wise (18GB), I decided to try my hand at a new Distro. I first looked into a RPM based one, hoping that maybe something out there would catch my eye.

After some searching, I remembered there was a Distro called Yoper, that was i686 optimized and RPM based. I thought to my self? Yes! This sounds neat, I’ll give this one try... So I downloaded it, burned it, and installed it. The install of Yoper compared to other RPM based Distro’s was really basic. No special GUI’s or anything like that... It was kinda like installing Vector Linux, but flipped? Anyway, after the install finished I edited GRUB and booted into it. This is about as far as I got w/ Yoper! Yoper had to be one of the worst Distro’s I have ever installed. It was just awful... I could go on & on about the reasons why, but to be honest, that would be a major waste of mine and yr (the reader) time. Please do yr self a favor! Never install Yoper...

With that out of my system (the urge to install an RPM based distro) I decided to look for a more stable and worth wild distro. The two I decided on we’re Lunar & Onebase. From what I read about both of them, they both seemed very interesting and well worth the time to install.

I first installed Lunar which really didn’t go so well, the install of the base system seemed to go fine, as did installing the kernel, but when the time came to actually boot into the system nothing worked. The kernel (2.4.25) would just boot into a freeze... As in, after a certain point it would just hang. Maybe I forgot to build something into the kernel? who knows?

Needless to say, I wasn’t about to go through the install again and have the same thing happen, so I decided to just try my hand at Onebase...

Finally a Distro that works!!! I gotta say, Onebase is a very interesting Distro... The base install it’s self takes about 3 hours and that is because it compiles the whole thing from source along w/ the kernel... All you do is answer a few questions and wham oh’ it starts compiling the system. After which, it then asks for the root password and restarts.

By it’s self Onebase is very bare, as it only comes w/ the tools needed to get the system up and running. It also comes w/ it’s own package management system, which I gotta say is kinda neat. All I had to do to get X installed was type: “olm -s xorg” Once inputed, Onebase then does a search of it’s database and finds all the packages & dependencies needed to install the requested package. After which it goes about compiling and installing them... Thats it! It also has pre-made binary packages available, if thats what you prefer. For example: If you wanted to install the pre-made package, you would input: “olm -b xorg” and it would then go about installing the pre-made package and all it’s deps...

It kinda reminds me of the FreeBSD ports system?

As for my Onebase install, it’s still pretty bare and I still need to get a working Desktop Environment on it. XFCe4 CVS here I come!!!

So as of now my System consists of CRUX 2.0, Onebase 2004 R3, FreeDOS, & Windows XP (for Gaming and Boredom)...

~over & out!
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