tonytraductor (tonytraductor) wrote in linuxlive,

remastering woes

I'm making an industry specific livecd remastering from a system, based on PCFluxboxOS.

I've burned about a dozen frisbees now.
I'm simply using the mkremaster script that comes with PCLinuxOS,
and have had success before, but this is what's happening now.

I have re-remastered numerous times, and the iso seems to come out consistently,
everytime, at 439.1mb, so I don't think it is the remastering process itself that
it at fault.

But, when I burn the resultant iso to disc I get mixed results.
(Burning to disc using k3b)

Sometimes I get:
can't find tty; job control turned off
no matter where I try to boot it.

Other discs seems to function fine on my 3.2gb Celeron with 1.5gb ram,
and my wife's 4g Pentium with 1gb ram,
but, the machine on which I am making the iso (a 1ghz P3, 512mb ram),
fails to recognize the livedisc on boot, and goes straight for the hdd.
the BIOS is set too boot from the cd first, and the older discs of this
same remaster (before current changes) boot fine.

I'm bringing this older machine to present this software to a professional
organization, so need the disc to boot on it.

One user wrote to me saying that the grub folder, on the cd she made
from an iso she downloaded, was empty.
That doesn't seem right to me.

The first release of this remaster had no issue on either/any machine,
but, I am trying to update this livecd to include different software,
some change, etc., and this is what keeps happening.
It's driving me nuts!
I need the resultant iso/livecds to be able to run anywhere (on x86, anyway).
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