moving through this strange disease of modern life (irenicspace) wrote in linuxlive,
moving through this strange disease of modern life

Open Source Research

My company is looking into intelligent uses of open source software for itself and clients. I have the fun task of becoming very educated about the subject and helping management put together the list of questions for the IP lawyer. I have already done some investigation and know that the GNU GPL is the most popular open source license, and open source software like apache have significant positions on the internet.

Here is some interesting stats. 71.5% of the internet's web servers are Apache based (various versions) and IIS is about 22%. All other web servers combined make up the rest. And of the 71.5% of Apache servers, half are running PHP modules. These facts and others can be found here.

However I need a lot of data. Can people out there give me links to sites with reports, white papers and statistical information about open source issues? I need to know percentages of Linux adoption in various markets. I need to know percentages of companies that use open source in various markets. I need reports about open source license compliance and repercussions of non-compliance. I need to know, other than, popular open source repositories. I need any and all facts, reports, white papers and even article commentaries about open source, the more the better.

Lastly, please let others know that I am looking for this information. They can email it to jcrow [at] techdiscovery [dot] com or reply here.

Thank you for your assistance!
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