Christopher Parker (cparker) wrote in linuxlive,
Christopher Parker

New XMMS Community

NOTE: This announcement has been cross-posted to many LiveJournal communities and others' LiveJournal accounts. This has been done in hopes that the subject of the announcement may benefit the targeted audience. If this announcement is deemed inappropriate or distasteful, please accept my apologies, comment on/reply to this announcement stating so, and the message shall be deleted promptly. Thank you.

I have created a new community dedicated to the X Multimedia System, or XMMS: xmms_users. xmms_users was created so XMMS users may share their own experiences setting up, using, and customizing XMMS to their own personal tastes.

Find (or develop) a new skin or a new plugin that you're just dying to share with others? Learn a new trick, and you want to teach people? Or, maybe you're new to XMMS, and you're looking for some tips, pointers, advice, or help?

xmms_users is appropriate for any of the above scenarios. Other appropriate usages of xmms_users include, but aren't limited to: posting HOWTOs on various subjects, sharing opinions regarding features you'd like to see implemented (either natively or through a plugin), posting updates about new XMMS or plugin versions.

Feel free to stop by and introduce yourself. Tell the community about your XMMS-using habits. Tell your friends. The more, the merrier!

Thank you for your time.

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